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Dario Prinčič at The Flower Shop

Princic worked in his family vineyards as a child so he knows the land well. He’s been farming 17 acres without the use of synthetic chemicals since 1988. While not certified he practices organic and some aspects of biodynamic viticulture and winemaking. All harvesting is done by hand. He uses native yeast and does not fine or filter, or temperature control his wines.

Princic deliberately keeps a low profile. Don’t try to find his website; it doesn’t exist.  His wines have been out of sight throughout much of the United States but Zev Rovine has now made that possible for all, if your quick enough ;)

The Flower Shop carries two of his cuvées, Bianco Trebez and Jakot - Soon to have the wonderful high tension Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Check the link below to see the full portfolio at Zev Rovine Selections. 

The Flower Shop xx 







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