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Peter Wetzer's Wine at The Flower Shop

Some informative and kind words from my mate Linus Kessler from Jenny and Francois Selections - The Flower Shop x
... a once bustling and thriving center for wine trade and production/shipment in the region and where the atrocities and aftermath of WWII forever changed the face of this land.... Peter stands out as one of the great heroes of our time as he strives to restore the glory of Hungarian Wines far beyond the scope and history of Tokaj.
Working in the wine trade in Vienna Péter became passionate about Europe’s classical wine regions, and realised that his home region of Sopron/Odënberg in Hungary was the former capital of Burgenland - the spiritual home of Blaufränkisch. This discovery led Péter to research further, in the archives for his family home he came across centuries-old records of a former vineyard on the property and the region’s own flourishing wine trade. This was enough to convince him to give winemaking a go. Finding sites with healthy, living soils and vegetation was key, Péter works organically, everything is done by hand, and his five sites are picked and fermented separately. In his family’s cellar, Péter uses the original old press and takes advantage of the building’s rich microbial flora to vinify his wines naturally in open-top containers. Both his Kékfrankos (the Hungarian name for Blaufränkish) and Pinot Noir spend a year in used Hungarian barrels before being bottled with no fining or filtration. For Péter, making wine is also about reclaiming his region’s past. He seeks to make wines with personality and identity, with character influenced by their origin and heritage, made with traditional grape varieties which translate the sense of place.
In one of the many informative and inspiring moments in the cellar with Peter, I also learned that in addition to his dedication to the farming and small production of craft wine, he also works part time at a local gas station to make extra 💶 for his family as the wine production makes up for a small portion of the income.  I found this personally humbling as it was a lesson about hard work, dedication, and sacrifice of pride.
I want to support the good work that Peter does and I hope you will enjoy as much as me.

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