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The Wonderful World of Branko & Vasja cotar

Whilst on our wine trip we had the pleasure of being invited to the Čotar Winery for a insightful cellar and vineyard tour, after a lengthy tasting it was off for a spot of lunch with Branko and Vasja. 

Hit the link above to see what they're up to!

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Čotar (pronounced Cho'-tar) Branko & Vasja, an effort by father & son, is a winery five minutes over the border from the Carso district in the hills of Trieste, Italy. In fact, this area is an extension of the Carso into Slovenia, where it is known as Kras and while standing in their vineyards, one can see out over the Gulf of Trieste. The winery was begun over 25 years ago, when the Čotar's two trattoria restaurants were the best in the region. They fell in love with the idea of growing vines and making wine, and became so good at it, they gave up the restaurant business and devoted their full time to grape growing and winemaking.

On their 7 hectares they grow native varieties that have been grown in this soil for centuries, notably Teran (the local name for Refosco) and Malvasija (Malvasia Istriana). They also grow some Sauvignon, Cabernet, Merlot and a tiny bit of Syrah.

The climate of the area is dry and influenced by the coast of the Mediterranean. There is sometimes a strong northeasterly wind called the Bora, but more often just a light seabreeze that keeps the vines and grapes very dry. The harvests are by hand and as late as possible for full maturity. Yields are between 40-45hl/ha.


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